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Universal Studios Tours Height Requirements

Universal Studios Tours Height Requirements

Universal Studios is a great deal of fun – for most people. However there are some who simply will not enjoy a day at Universal Studios Tours – young children specifically. If you are planning a vacation to Universal Studios, you should take the height requirements into consideration – or you could end up having a miserable time.

First, you must be forty - eight inches tall to ride Revenge of the Mummy. You must be forty six inches tall to ride Jurassic Park, and you must be at least forty inches tall to ride Back to the Future. If you or your child do not meet these height requirements, you will not be allowed on the ride. There is a measuring stick that is used in the queue for each of these attractions.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can get by if you are just a half inch below the requirements – you can’t. These height requirements are in place to ensure your safety, and park staff members are trained to adhere strictly to these rules. Just a tip – high heel shoes won’t get you in either. At Universal Studios, they’ve seen it all!




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