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Universal Studios Tours Hollywood Ticket Outlet

Universal Studios Tours Hollywood Ticket Outlet

While visiting Universal Studios Tours, you should pay a visit to the Hollywood Ticket Outlet booth. You can do more than purchase tickets to great shows; you can also request free tickets for many of the shows that are currently being filmed. Note that the shows are limited to the ones that allow studio audiences.

There are other services available at the Hollywood Ticket Outlet booth as well. These include upgraded park tickets, visitor information, and foreign currency exchange. The Hollywood Ticket Outlet is located by the Blues Brothers stage inside the park, and it is open during the same days and hours that the park is open.

Depending on when you visit Universal Studios, and what is going on at that time, you may be pleasantly surprised to find some really great deals Ė or to find yourself sitting in the audience of your favorite television show! Talk about sneak previews! Even if you donít plan to purchase any tickets, make sure that you stop by the Universal Studios Tours Hollywood Outlet booth to see what is being offered that day.




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