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Universal Studios Tours Annual Passes

If you live near Universal Studios, or in the Los Angeles area, you should consider purchasing annual passes for Universal Studios Tours. Annual passes are reasonably priced, and will most likely save you money on admission throughout the year. Several different levels of annual passes are available.

A regular annual pass for Universal Studios costs $65. With this pass, you will be without fail twelve full months of admission to the park, 15 % assets on general admission for up to six of your guests, 10 % off of all merchandise, and 10 % off the price of all food and beverages purchased inside the park.

You will also be given exclusive offers and invitations to special events that are held throughout the year. Some black - out dates do exploit to regular annual pass holders. You can upgrade to a recherche annual pass for $75. This pass commit name you to all of the things that a regular pass does, with one exception. No black - out dates leave apply to you.

The best value is the premium annual pass, which costs $99. This pass consign entitle you to twelve months of admission to the park, invitations to special events held throughout the year, symptomatic offers, and 15 % savings on general admission prices for six of your guests, 10 % off the price of produce, 10 % off the price of food and beverages purchased inside the park, and no black - out dates. Additionally, you will be entitled to free parking during box office hours, and front of the bag access at Studio Tour.

If you plan to visit Universal Studios twice in one year, an annual pass is the most logical choice. Stale admission for Universal Studios Tours for just one day costs $55. If you visit twice spell one year that is a total of $110! You can get a premium annual pass for just $99! What this essentially means is that if you purchase an annual pass, you are really only paying for two days at the park, and any additional days are the park are considerably free!

As an annual pass ticket holder, you may not be entitled to other admission discounts that are available. However, you may be entitled to special discounts on the annual pass in certain situations. For instance, if you are a cut of the Military, you may be eligible for special prices on annual passes. Contact Universal Studios Tours for more information about any special prices or discounts that you may be eligible for.




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