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Universal Studios Tours VIP Studio Pass

Unlike Disneyland, reservations cannot be made for any of the attractions within Universal Studios. However, you can get a VIP Studio Pass, which will allow you to skip many of the lines, and will even provide you with a personal tour of the back lot.

The cost of the VIP Studio Pass is quite affordable – under $300 for two people, and it entitles you to many special perks…. you get to see everything, including many things that are not part of the standard Universal Studios Tour, although the VIP tour actually starts with the standard Universal Studios Tour – then it just gets better.

If you are in possession of a VIP pass, you will be allowed to get off the tram and wonder around the movie sets. You will be allowed to visit the props department as well, which is great fun. You will also be entitled to prime seating at all of the shows, and have the opportunity to meet the cast members after the shows.

If you will be going on a Universal Studios Tour and visiting the theme park, the VIP Studios Pass is definitely the way to go!




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